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What is a led batten?

what is a led batten light?

Start looking, and you'll see batten light fittings everywhere. And most of them still need to be upgraded to LED.

LED battens are usually surface mounted directly onto ceilings or walls. Common installations include garages, workshops, carparks, storage areas, and emergency stairwells.

LED battens are used indoors and outdoors. If installing an LED batten outdoors or in an area of high moisture, make sure you select one with an IP65 rating. Indoor rated battens, on the other hand, have a rating of IP20 or similar.

How LED Battens Differ from Fluro Battens?

Old fluro batten light fittings used to house either one or two T5 or T8 tubes. Now, the majority of LED battens are all-in-one light fittings, with no separate tube required.

The other important way LED battens differ from fluro battens is that they use much less power. Here are a few examples:

Fitting Type                              Power Consumption           

Twin Tube T8 4Ft Fluro Batten            90W (including ballast)

Twin Tube T5 1200mm Fluro Batten         56W

'Twin Tube' 1200mm LED Batten            40W

Single Tube T8 4Ft Fluro Batten         45W (including ballast)

Single Tube T5 1200mm Fluro Batten        28W

'Single Tube' 1200mm LED Batten           20W

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